The driving force behind equestrian centres

Since 1999, Viebrockreithallen has completed more than 200 exclusive riding facilities, and Viebrockhaus more than 30,000 turnkey houses, emphatic in their quality and substance, and with a diversity of innovative, functional and horse-oriented details found virtually nowhere else.

The foundation for Viebrockreithallen was provided by Andreas Viebrock’s and Detmar Wiltfang’s shared hobby - equestrianism - and the many years of experience they gained from working at the successful building companies Viebrockhaus AG and Andreas Viebrock GmbH.

From the initial building design right up to the finished equestrian centre, our extremely demanding quality standards guide us in everything that we do. That’s why Viebrockreithallen creates a feel-good atmosphere with its future-oriented architecture that really gets the blood pumping. Ultimately, we are not just building an equestrian centre but a new home for both horse and rider.

At a glance

  • Turning dreams into reality since 1999
  • Specialist in ready-to-ride equestrian centre designs
  • Pioneer of innovative technologies
  • Adherence with highest standards of quality
  • Expertise in red-brick house construction since 1954
  • By riders for riders

Consultation approach

For us, ‘by riders for riders’ is not just an empty slogan. Our specialist advisers all ‘sit comfortably in the saddle’. Whether at exhibitions or when visiting your site, we are ready to provide you with expert advice. Challenge us! »

Equestrian centres

From entire equestrian centres to innovative riding arenas and stables to longeing pens, we provide bespoke turnkey designs. »


Let us win you over with our premium-quality facility designs. 60 years of experience in red-brick building designs, more than 30,000 turnkey houses and over 200 exclusive riding facilities speak for themselves. »