Award-winning: Fresh-Air-System wins German Innovation Award

The Fresh Air System with H2O2 air washer is an innovative room climate system that was specially developed for use in horse stables and functional rooms for horses. The Fresh-Air-System was developed in cooperation between the companies Zentri-Jet from Garrel and Viebrockreithallen from Harsefeld in order to bind fine dust, minimize the number of insects and ensure an optimal indoor climate in every season. With the help of the system, extremely small water molecules are sprayed floating in the room. This mist binds the fine dust and ensures clean air, pleasant temperatures and optimal relative humidity. 

The product was awarded with the Equitana Innovation Prize in 2017, and now it has also convinced the jury of the German Innovation Award.
This innovation award honors products and solutions across all sectors that differ from previous solutions primarily in terms of their user focus and added value.

Normally, the award was planned for a large gala event in Berlin, which, however, had to be canceled due to the ongoing corona pandemic. Nevertheless, the companies Zentri-Jet and Viebrockreithallen are very happy about the award and feel honored to have developed a product that is one of the innovations, "shaping the future and improving life", as stated on the German Innovation Awards website is called.