Ideal Illumination for any equestrian centre: V-iLights

Viebrockreithallen V-iLights is a completely new innovation in LED lights and an efficient alternative to conventional HQL lights. This lighting system was developed on the basis of Viebrockreithallen’s many years of experience and in collaboration with specialist institutions and engineers, with the result that it offers users a wide range of benefits. In addition to a waterproof and easy-to-clean design, V-iLights also boasts an economical energy consumption - depending on the model, the system can produce a light yield of up to 130 lumen per watt. Thanks to the homogeneous illumination system, even the darkest corners of a hoof are extremely well lit and cast shadows are kept to an absolute minimum.

The most important benefits at a glance

  • Environmentally-friendly
  • Saves energy and costs
  • Minimal cast shadows
  • Easy on the eye for both horse and rider
  • High-quality colour rendering
  • Easily to control via an App

Unlimited adjustability thanks to a digital dimmer

Controlling the lighting system is just as easy as it is convenient. Users can operate each V-iLights function through an App, and the light intensity can be infinitely adjusted by using a digital dimmer. With an improved colour reproduction and a high light output, Viebrockreithallen is able to provide even greater well-being for horse and rider. No matter whether you want to use the lighting system in riding arenas and stables, in longeing pens, on riding grounds or in outdoor areas, V-iLights are suited to all kinds of surroundings.

The benefits for you

Comfort for horse and rider

  • Minimal cast shadows
  • Easy on the eye (no glare effect or drop outs on the retina)
  • No disruptive elements such as blinds, buzzing noises or flickering
  • Pleasant, warm light under 5,000 Kelvin - calming for both horse and rider
  • Homogeneous lighting illuminates even the darkest corners
  • Easy to control via an App on a smartphone, tablet or PC


Savings and eco-friendliness

  • Lower CO² emissions
  • Energy efficient > 50 % less costs compared with conventional HQL lamps and lights



  • Humidity tolerance class IP 65 for the electronics and IP67 for the lights
  • Long service life > 50,000 hours
  • TÜV and GS tested
  • 5 year warranty
  • Investment pays off in just a few months



  • Can be installed very high up
  • High-quality colour rendering
  • Distinctive design and simple installation
  • Available in all RAL colours

Technical features

  • Linear light source (almost no cast shadows)
  • Front diffuser / prism technology for homogeneous illumination and reduced glare effect
  • Digital dimmer (infinitely adjustable)
  • No UV rays (discourages algae formation)
  • Steel girders allow for ingeniously conceived heat dissipation
  • Highest number of switch-on/switch-off cycles
  • Only Samsung LEDs are used
  • Recommended for ceiling heights in excess of 3.5m
  • High-grade aluminium casing
  • Beam angle of up to 180°
  • 110–130 Lumen/watt depending on the model

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