Safety bumpers

Minimal risk of injury thanks to innovative edge protection: the alexandra safety bumper

Barriers and edges of outdoor riding grounds and racetracks are often constructed using solid materials such as concrete, wooden beams and steel pipes. These bring with them a serious risk, however: due to the hard design of the these barrier structures, serious injuries may result from falling against these unforgiving edges. There is, however, a very simple way to minimise this risk of injury - the ALEXANDRA Safety Bumper by Viebrockreithallen.

The safety bumper has been designed to be attached to various types of edging in riding arena, such as concrete edging, and is made from the integral foam polyurethane, which serves to dampen the impact of a fall by virtue of its special foam core. Horse and rider are thus better protected in equal measure from hard impacts and any resulting injuries. In addition to improving safety, the safety bumper also improves the appearance of a riding ground: Thanks to an integrated and high-resolution LED light rail, the riding arena is indirectly lit from every angle so that every barrier is visible even in poor light conditions and a unique atmosphere is created.

The most important benefits at a glance

  • Dampening effect thanks to integral foam
  • High-resolution LED light rail available as optional extra (includes option for different colours)
  • Can be retrofitted to any existing outdoor riding area
  • Easy to install
  • Weatherproof and temperature-resistant material
  • Good abrasion resistance
  • Water-repellent (sand and dirt can easily run off during rain)
  • Available in several colours

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