Fresh-Air-System with H₂O₂-Air Washer

The Viebrockreithallen Fresh-Air-System


For several months now, the Viebrockreithallen Fresh-Air-System has been used as a test in functional areas and stables to bind fine dust, minimize insect infestation and provide an optimal indoor climate in every season. The innovative system sprays extremely small water molecules floating in the room, this fog binds the fine dust in the air and provides clean air, clear view, optimal temperatures and relative humidity as well as modern disinfection options. Since then, Viebrockreithallen has put the system to the acid test and involves external partners to document and further improve its effectiveness. The Institute LUFA was able to prove that the system already achieves a 50% degree of separation of particulate matter.

This year for the first time, Viebrockreithallen introduces a brand new additional function that further improves the system: With the new H2O2 air wash, even better results can be achieved by adding a small amount of oxygen ions to the nebulizer at specified intervals. Through this activated oxygen, the stable air is washed even more thoroughly and the germ and virus formation is reduced. The feeling for horse and rider is similar to the noticeable relief after a thunderstorm that has cleared up the air.

The benefits for you at a glanze

  • More health for horse and rider through:

    • minimization of bacteria, viruses and pathogens
    • defense of insects without chemical additives

  • Less skin irritations due to adjustable relative humidity 
  • Odor neutralization and ammonia degradation by fine dust binding 
  • Functional air conditioning for year-round optimal conditions 
  • Highest longevity and robustness 

    • highest material quality of all individual parts
    • unique nozzle technology without moving parts in the nozzle head 

  • Easy installation 
  • Comfortable operation via touch screen or app 
  • Further options 

    • air wash with activated Oxygen 
    • easier stall disinfection and less water consumption during cleaning 
    • reliable fire protection through combination with fire alarm system

New nozzle technology
Pump Station

Innovative Technology


The Fresh-Air-System by Viebrockreithallen is made using components of extremely high material quality. The unique nozzle technology does not include any moving parts in the nozzle head, is extremely durable and cannot become blocked. Furthermore, almost 100% of the water molecules can be released as a fine mist which is then suspended in the air. The system is moreover quick and easy to install, whereby you can choose precisely where to position the nozzles for optimum effect. Nozzles with various flow rates are available so that you can select the version that best suits the needs of your stable. Every pumping unit is quiet and robust, and moreover fitted with a pressure regulator, pressure monitoring, a pressure gauge and a pump support. Depending on the number of nozzles, a variety of pumps are available with outputs of between 1 and 42 l/min (60-2520 l/h). With a metering pump, it is possible to introduce add-ons such as disinfectants or essential oils.

The Fresh-Air-System is controlled via a touch screen mounted next to the pump system. This means the system can be operated automatically or manually by means of the associated App.



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