Fresh Air System

The Viebrockreithallen Fresh Air System

The Fresh Air System by Viebrockreithallen, which is now the recipient of the EQUITANA Innovation Prize, solves a problem that afflicts many stables, in that it gathers up dust and drives away insects, thereby providing an optimum indoor climate all year round.

This innovative system sprays extremely small water molecules around the room, and this mist takes dust out of the air and ensures clean air, good visibility, ideal temperatures and humidity, thus offering a modern means of disinfection. A tangible gain for both horse and rider!

The benefits for you at a glance

  • Improved health for horse and rider by minimising bacteria, viruses and germs
  • Removal of fine dust particles extinguishes odours and breaks down ammonia at the same time
  • Practical air conditioning creates ideal conditions all year round
  • Repels insects with no added mediums
  • Easy disinfection of stables and low water consumption during cleaning
  • Minimal skin irritation thanks to adjustable humidity levels
  • Reliable fire prevention owing to possibility of combining with fire alarm system
  • Reliable safety: the system can provide reliable protection against fire when used in combination with a fire alarm system and a large number of nozzles.

Innovative Technology

The Fresh Air System by Viebrockreithallen is made using components of extremely high material quality. The unique nozzle technology does not include any moving parts in the nozzle head, is extremely durable and cannot become blocked. Furthermore, almost 100% of the water molecules can be released as a fine mist which is then suspended in the air. The system is moreover quick and easy to install, whereby you can choose precisely where to position the nozzles for optimum effect. Nozzles with various flow rates are available so that you can select the version that best suits the needs of your stable. Every pumping unit is quiet and robust, and moreover fitted with a pressure regulator, pressure monitoring, a pressure gauge and a pump support. Depending on the number of nozzles, a variety of pumps are available with outputs of between 1 and 42 l/min (60-2520 l/h). With a metering pump, it is possible to introduce add-ons such as disinfectants or essential oils.

The Fresh Air System is controlled via a touch screen mounted next to the pump system. This means the system can be operated automatically or manually by means of the associated App.

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