Equestrian centres

The market leader for innovative equestrian centre designs

Since 1999, we have completed more than 200 turnkey equestrian centres, emphatic in their quality and substance, and with a diversity of innovative, functional and horse-oriented details found virtually nowhere else. Each Viebrock equestrian centre is a tailor-made solution that finds the perfect balance between your individual requirements and preferences and the latest standards in construction, technology and quality. Riders therefore not only get a second home, but also a new focus in their lives.

Our experienced and capable architects, structural engineers and craftspeople accompany you along every step of the way, from the moment your pen first hits the page right up to the opening of the Viebrock equestrian centre. If you like, we can even lift you into the saddle.

The benefits for you

  • Red-brick building components
  • Efficient, scheduled construction workflow
  • Cutting-edge technology
  • Fixed price and construction period guarantee
  • Everything from one source

High-grade building materials in premium quality – both indoors and out

It is our aspiration to create equestrian centres that are not only impressive and inviting from the outside. Above all, we want to create a home that is filled with innovative, practical and horse-oriented details, right down to the last hoofbeat, and which thereby offers both horse and rider excellent safety and maximum comfort.

That’s why Viebrock stable facilities are characterised by ample natural light, fresh air and maximum freedom of movement. In the stables themselves and in passageways leading to outdoor riding grounds, for example, every corner is rounded, which means horses are protected against injury - for optimum safety at every turn.

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[Translate to English:] Unsere Reithallen

Optimum training conditions: our riding areas

No matter whether you want to let off steam in a covered riding arena or on a riding ground out in the open air, Viebrockreithallen will be ready to provide you with the ideal solution for your training requirements in every situation.

A vital requirement for purposeful and injury-free training is the right kind of floor: our Ebb and Flow Riding Surface Systems are elastic, non-slip and durable, and are neither too wet nor too dry thanks to a sophisticated water supply - even after heavy rain showers. We will gladly advise you about solutions that meet your every requirement and that benefit both the performance and the health of your horses.

Consultation approach

For us, ‘by riders for riders’ is not just an empty slogan. Our specialist advisers all ‘sit comfortably in the saddle’. Whether at exhibitions or when visiting your site, we are ready to provide you with expert advice. Challenge us! »

Special projects

Arrange a no-obligation consultation appointment today, and help us to develop the solution that will turn your dreams into reality. »