For germ-free cleanliness in functional and clinic rooms: Washbox - lamp CleanLight 

For wash stalls, wet rooms and veterinary clinics, cleanliness and freedom from germs are just as important as their counterparts for humans. Here, the Viebrockreithallen - Innovation CleanLight offers the best opportunities, to permanently meet even the highest hygiene requirements.

The CleanLight allows in the base an improved work for the veterinarian, groom or blacksmith in functional rooms, is extremely impact-resistant, easy to clean, stepless dimmable and remote controlled. Especially the installation of the lamp in the lower wall areas means, that the leg area and the underside of the belly of the horse is well lit - an unbeatable advantage over conventional ceiling lights, that shade these Areas. The highlight: CleanLight can be optionally equipped with a so-called UVC light function, which uses part of the natural sunlight to kill microorganisms such as bacteria or germs. The light source emits UV light at a low threshold wavelength of 222 Nanometers. This type of ultraviolet radiation is called Far-UVC-Light. It is like visible light or radio waves an electromagnetic radiation and can not be sensed by the human eye.

The technology of UV sterilization therefore uses no unnatural chemistry, no toxic compounds and does not allow any development of resistance. Unwanted microorganisms become inactive within a very short period of time, while product properties remain. This meets the highest requirements of consumer protection and hazard analysis (according to HACCP concepts). 

The UVC light CleanLight turns on automatically at night and kills germs and bacteria on the washing and cleaning areas of stables or in appropriate rooms of veterinary clinics. The lamp convinces by an extreme impact resistance and is extremely waterproof: For example, it can be cleaned with high-pressure cleaners up to 120 bar. The visible light of the CleanLight can be operated by remote control, smartphone or network and is stepless dimmable. The color of the CCT-LED-panel is adjustable and has a calming effect on humans and horses.

Your benefits at a glance


  • comfort for horse and rider or veterinarian, groom or blacksmith 
  • very high load capacity and resistance 
  • comfortable operation and setting options 
  • different sizes
  • good installing options 
  • high quality product design 
  • UVC disinfection (optional)

High quality product design

Looks good: CleanLight impresses with its clear design: with sunken stainless steel screw connection in the front and rounded front edges, here embedded in a Trespa wall cladding 


Lights well: By mounting in the lower wall area, the otherwise shaded leg and lower belly area of ​​the horse is optimally illuminated with CleanLight.

    Comfort for horse and rider, as well as veterinarian, groom or blacksmith 

  • best illumination for leg area and the underside of the belly of the horse thanks to mounting the lamp in the lower wall area instead of a ceiling light

    Very high load capacity and resistance 

  • V4A front panel in 4 mm thickness with hardened industrial paint
  • V4A front panel coated with industrial lotus lacquer - self-cleaning
  • 2-layer safety glass coated - therefore extremely impact-resistant 

    Comfortable operation and setting options

  • color of the CCT-Led panel (adjustable warm white / neutral white) 3000-6000K - thereby calming for humans and horses 
  • stepless dimmable Panel
  • operable via remote control, tablet, smartphone or Network

    • Dimensions 

    • available in two variants: 1150 mm x 250 mm and 1800 mm x 274 mm 


    Good installing options

  • frame installation system: Built-in tub can be installed in masonry during the construction phase. Final assembly on completion
  • the light panel can be replaced individually

    High quality product design

  • sunken stainless steel screws in the front 
  • rounded front edges
  • 2mm aluminum for case parts, canted and glued 

    High waterproof 

  • damp protection class IP67 (can be cleaned with high-pressure cleaner up to 120 bar / at 85 ° C max.)
  • waterproof cable entry for network and power supply


  • optionally with cleaning function against germs, viruses and bacteria in UVC-light
  • the CleanLight can be equipped with an additional UVC source

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